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Are You Suspicious about your Electrical Meter.

Recently a local Spelthorne Charity contacted me and expressed their concern they were being over charged by their Utility Energy provider. When a new Smart meter was installed the current energy provider requested an additional £9000.00 payment because they stated previous utility bills were under estimated and there was a short fall. Naturally the Charity… Read more »

Check your Plugs

It’s a good idea to check plugs and plug wires regularly. Plugs and their cables can be damaged with use. Here’s how to check the common, square-pin 13-amp plug used in all modern appliances such as hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and microwaves. With the plug removed from the socket, check the cable: Is the cable securely… Read more »

Tenants – stay safe in your rented home

Every year around 70 deaths and 350,000 injuries in UK homes are caused by faulty electrics and electrical equipment.  Almost half of all domestic fires are caused by electricity. And if you live in a privately rented property, statistics show that you are at a higher risk of electric shock. There is confusion amongst landlords… Read more »

New Cooker or Oven

Choosing a new Oven or Cooker can be daunting. With some many choices. What rating? what wattage? with or without a Fan?, wifi or not plus who to buy from?. We have installed umpteen cookers, hobs, ovens if you need any assistance please get in contact.

Don’t take chances with Electricity

As the cold winter weather sets in we all start to plug in additional heaters – Fan Heaters, Convectors Heaters or Electric Bar Heaters. Please ensure your sockets are in good safe condition. On a recent inspection I found a dangerously damaged socket in a bedroom. A 2000 watt electric heater was plugged in. Fortunately,… Read more »

Door Bells / Door Chimes

Door Bells – Do you want a Battery operated or main powered Door Bell. The Battery operated door bells are simple to install and can be positioned where you need them most. The main negatives lift their head when the batteries run dry. Then you need to figure out how to open and access the… Read more »


Hot water wastage is a big contributor! How many of us know the temperature of the water pouring from our taps? Most of us rely on our sense of touch. If the water is too hot, we compound the problem by adding cold water. The hot water tanks have thermostats and therefore the temperature can… Read more »


WANT TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND SAVE MONEY We have been warned of the 2% increase in the Earths air temperature will have devasting effects on the Environment and our quality of life. We can reverse the trend and stop the inevitable. In simple terms we need to stop wasting energy and stop wasting our… Read more »

Garage Door Electrical Opener.

A Customer asked me to purchase and install a new Garage Door Opener. Their existing opener was installed 15 years ago. They were frustrated with the inconsistency of the door, sometimes it would open and sometimes it would not. As a Local Electrician I often get asked can I fix or replace many none Electrical… Read more »

“There is a Hissing noise from my light Switch”

I recently received a phone call from a concerned Staines Upon Thames Home owner explaining “there is a Hissing noise from my light switch”. On inspection of the switch, see photo below, I found both the cable and cables were burnt and melted. As an Approved Electrician I investigated deeper to understand why there was… Read more »