About Us

Richard is the local Electrician for the TW Postcode Area.

My philosophy is to discuss your Electrical options to give you the benefit of our experience and expertise.

Technology is always involving, home and business owners should take advantage. I will facilitate and incorporate customers’ requirements with new technology to give added value plus energy efficiencies.

LED lighting is transforming the illuminance and ambience of rooms and houses. LED costs have greatly reduced and are becoming comparable with convectional traditional lighting. The control and switching of lighting via timers, motion sensors and lux levels can change the appearance and function of an area.

The control of your appliances via timers, motion sensors will create efficient gains and save you money. Saving energy can be automated and recorded by applying controls on your power requirements.

There are many different ways of heating the space making your area warm, dry and comfortable. The heating of your home and business no longer has to be the biggest energy cost. With new technology under floor heating, Heat recovery and transfer, convector heating, storage heating and traditional heating methods are more energy efficient.

The Electrical Regulations state all premises must conform to IEE BS7671 latest edition. The safety of you, your Family and premises is paramount. I will inspect and test your premises and give you an Electrical Health Check.

Please contact on 01784 849181, I will conduct a survey and submit proposals for no cost. Find out what you can achieve and save by contacting your Local Electrician.