How to control the temperature of your home with LED Lighting.

You see, one of the biggest problems facing anyone wanting to cool down the temperature of their home demands a large lay out of cash. The major problem it’s a complete waste of money. With one hand paying a lot of money for the cooling (air conditioning or fans) with other hand we are paying to heat up the room with old inefficient lighting.

And that’s true, … The old inefficient lighting requires electrical power to illuminate the inevitable side effect is the heat is generated to create the light.  Each light / lamp / blub is mini a Heater. If you have 30 lights in your property then you have 30 mini heaters. Each one of them is increasing the temperature. So Your perspiring and sweltering in the heat.  You scramble to turn on the air conditioning and fan blowers to the area to make it a bit more comfortable.  There is a heater above your head!!!!

Let me explain – The average Home has 30 x lights each with 50 watt lamp which burns 1500watts.  Again the average home will employ 3 x 500watt Fan blowers which requires 1500watts or 2000 to 3000watts of Air conditioning units. You see: you spend  your hard earned money trying to cool down the house but the lighting is counter acting against cooling you are spending more and more money / wasting more and more money.  Your Electricity bill is growing, growing, growing.

This is why in this video I want to reveal what’s been my secret weapon for cooling my home, stop wasting money and reducing my Electricity Bill.

One piece of advice I give is to simply change the blubs in your Bedside Table Lamps or the Desk Table lamp to LED.  With the Lamp switched off simply replace the lamp with a LED Lamp. This will guarantee that you get better quality of light, immediately cooler and save money.

Another tip I always share: for every Lamp you replace with a LED lamp you are contributing to protecting and safe guarding the environment. The old inefficient lamps are just increasing the Global warming effect. The LED lighting don’t have any input into the Global warming effect.