The Benefits of LED Lighting

The benefits of LEDS are endless. They greatly reduce your energy consumption, reducing your Utility Bills. There are fantastic environmental benefits. Massive health benefits, improving our concentration, our moods and well-being.

Advantages of Light emitting diodes are many. Advantages; they emit more light per watt than incandescent lamps, they are much smaller, their on/off time is much shorter than of the other types of electric light sources (they are quick), their lifetime is much longer and they are much more difficult to damage.

Worldwide there is a growing concern over global warming (CO2) emissions. C02 emissions create the Green House effect. The Green House effect is a major contributor to Global warming. The Polar ice caps are melting, the Sea coral is being destroyed and the temperature of the world is increasing. We are all experiencing warmer and warmer weather.

The traditional lighting (Halogen, Incandescent and Metal Halide) emit large amounts of heat in order to illuminate light. Do you have Garden and Security lights, have you ever tried to touch these lamps when lit? you will burn your fingers. LEDs don’t emit heat to illuminate.

Legally within the UK reduce emissions must be reduced by 80% by 2050. In Nov 2014 global climate agreement in Paris the World Leader signed up to reduce C02 emissions by 25% globally. In Oct 2016, the worlds developing countries agreed to reduce C02 emission.

The technology is available to dramatically reduce C02 emissions, LED lighting is and will reduce the worlds C02 emissions. LED lighting uses only 10% of power in comparison to traditional lighting, the light is brighter, warmer and much more efficient.

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